Thermal Ceramics UK (TCUK)


About Thermal Ceramics UK

Thermal Ceramics UK is part of Morgan Advanced Materials, which was founded in 1856.  Our purpose is to use advanced materials to make the world more sustainable, and to improve the quality of life. Our core capabilities are: Material Science, Application Engineering and Customer Focus.  Thermal Ceramics are a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of insulating refractory materials.  Leading brands include Superwool Insulating Fibre, Cerafibre, JM Insulating Fire Bricks and WDS Microporous products.  The company has a global foot print, including significant production in France, Italy and Germany.  Research and development is conducted on 3 contents with Europe being supported from a center of excellence close to Liverpool, England.

Meet the partner

Dr Robin Mottram, Global Lead Low Carbon technology Thermal Ceramics.  I have 20 years experience in developing refractories and running research projects.  Covering development of low bio-persistent insulating fibres, low thermal conductivity insulating fire bricks and Ultra insulating microporous shapes.  I also have significant experience of application engineer to match product to customer performance expectations and in manufacturing optimization to implement new products and processes.