Meet the partner:

Dr Robin Mottram of Thermal Ceramics


Can you shortly introduce yourself and your role in the HyInHeat project?

Dr Robin Mottram, Global Lead Low Carbon technology Thermal Ceramics.  I have 20 years experience in developing refractories and running research projects.  Covering development of low bio-persistent insulating fibres, low thermal conductivity insulating fire bricks and Ultra insulating microporous shapes.  I also have significant experience of application engineer to match product to customer performance expectations and in manufacturing optimization to implement new products and processes.

How did Thermal Ceramics UK get involved in the HyInHeat project?

Thermal Ceramics Uk became involved in HyInHeat through ArcelorMittal and Asociacion Centro Technologico CEIT, who recognized the need for refractory experts in the consortium.

How do you see the added value of HyInHeat for Thermal Ceramics UK?

HyInHeat will add value to Thermal Ceramics through the opportunity to learn how the change in firing environment (Natural gas to Hydrogen) effects refractory materials.  This will allow our manufacturing sites to customize their offerings to the market.

What is the role of Thermal Ceramics UK in the HyInHeat project?

Thermal Ceramics will be a supplier of refractories to the project, especially insulating fibre materials to ArcelorMittal, coordinating in material selection and then tracking the products with full characterization before supply, during use and after exposure to hydrogen heated environment.

What do you hope to achieve by the end of the project?

By the end of the project we expect to have a much better understanding of how refractory materials perform in a hydrogen heated environment, which materials to select to best satisfy customer needs and to understand the material science behind this selection.

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