About Swerim

Research for a sustainable future 

The metals research institute Swerim conducts needs-based industrial research and development concerning metals and their route from raw material to finished product. As a strategic R&D partner, we strengthen our clients’ competitive advantage and contribute to the development of new solutions for processes, materials and products. Our vision is a fossil-free and circular industry. 

Our strength is applied research for resource-efficient and sustainable industry, and we have solid knowledge and experience when it comes to applying research results in practical industrial applications. Our customers are mainly within the mining, steel and metal industries, but we also work closely with suppliers to these sectors.  

We develop and optimize metallurgical processes and total solutions in materials and manufacturing engineering, mainly with a focus on energy efficiency, recovery and recycling of residual materials, reduced CO2 emissions, materials development, additive manufacturing and component properties. Our longstanding experience from research in large pilot scale for extreme environments is a success factor for our customers’ competitive advantage and sustainable development. 

Laboratories and simulations 

Our laboratory facilities offer testbeds and demonstrators for development and verification of production processes and optimization of material properties. We simulate manufacturing processes for optimal production of advanced metallic materials. 

We are rebuilding and adapting our pilot-plant facilities to match customer-specific conditions and we develop processes in a scale that can be transferred to the customer’s own manufacturing facility. 

Our people 

Swerim has 190 professionals in two locations in Sweden – Luleå and Stockholm. The majority of our co-workers are postgraduate research engineers and/or have longstanding experience in industry. We have an extensive international network and customers throughout the world. 

Meet the partner

My name is Andreas Johnsson. I work as a Sr Researcher in Swerim’s group – heating and metalworking. I am responsible for our Research area Heating technologies. I am the primary contact/project leader for Swerim in the HyInHeat project. We are involved in a number of activities in the project, so I will overview these activities, so we perform them in time, on budget and in-line with the project proposal. Our largest task is that we will provide a demonstrator for the project, where our pilot walking beam furnace will be equipped with hydrogen infrastructure and control units to run campaigns where we heat steel with hydrogen as a sole fuel.