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Borja Peña Quintero of Tecnalia


Can you shortly introduce yourself and your role in the HyInHeat project?

Let me to introduce myself, I am Borja Peña Quintero, and my education is industrial engineering (2005) & materials engineering (2007) from the University of the Basque Country. I work as a senior researcher at Tecnalia Research and Innovation since 2007. During my professional activity, I have been involved on the development of numerous research activities related to steelmaking processes and steel developments, from the review of the corresponding drafts, proposal writing, development research projects as partners and as coordinator, to dissemination and exploitation activities, in collaboration with partners such as universities, industrial companies and/or other research agents.

Dissemination activities are another important activity of my daily work with several papers, congresses, and recently member of the Scientific Committee of the SteelTech 23 congress. In addition, I´m currently working on my doctoral thesis on the improvement of steel for offshore applications.

How did Technalia get involved in the HyInHeat project?

It is quite curious, Tecnalia participated in a workshop organized by ESTEP, and different ideas were presented. One of them was related to the application of H2 in the steelmaking, presented by Swerin. So, we have a short conversation with Andreas (Johnsson), and later we were in contact to try to have a common idea for preparing a proposal. At that time it was impossible, but a year later we got in touch again, and Jonas put me in contact with Thomas and his team (Aachen).

How do you see the added value of HyInHeat for Tecnalia?

During the proposal stage, Tecnalia made a great effort, and thanks to Tecnalia´s networking some of the most relevant partners, responsible from the major use cases of the project, were proposed to the consortium. For Tecnalia the implementation of H2 as a substitute of NG in the industrial field is one of the most relevant lines of research, and thanks to the HyInHeat project we are going to work in this line during the next four years.

What is the role of Tecnalia in the HyInHeat project?

Tecnalia is the leader of WP1, so we are going to be involved from the beginning of the project from the definition the KPIs, and the rest of the tasks related to the WP1. In addition, Tecnalia has a relevant contribution in the WP2, WP5 & WP6, with CFD simulations and lab testing analysis.

What do you hope to achieve by the end of the project?

At the end of the project, I hope all the partners will have a better understanding of the implementation of H2 as a substitute of NG, and which are the key points to achieve the neutral carbon industry.

Watch the interview with Aitziber Adrados Lopez de Viñaspre and Borja Peña Quintero of TECNALIA below .

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