Meet the partner:

Angel Sanz of GHI


Can you shortly introduce yourself and your role in the HyInHeat project?

My name is Angel and I’m a process engineer working at GHI. I’ve worked in several departments in my 12 years at GHI, always having a significant role in the innovations that we’ve incorporated in our furnaces. In Hyinheat my role will be supporting the industry partners with my knowledge in furnaces and being GHI leading contact.


How did GHI get involved in the HyInHeat project?

The last couple of years GHI has being interested and active in the Hydrogen application to the furnaces, collaborating with research centers at laboratory scale, thus being part of this big potent project was of great interest for us.


How do you see the added value of HyInHeat for GHI?

Hyinheat will provide GHI with first-hand experience on Hydrogen usage in industrial furnaces and the generated knowledge will be of great value for further development and integration of the hydrogen in the whole industry chain by GHI.


What is the role of GHI in the HyInHeat project?

In Hyinheat GHI role will be working together with the partners to develop the necessary changes and modifications in the furnaces to implement the hydrogen technologies.


What do you hope to achieve by the end of the project?

At the end of the project i hope that we have proven Hydrogen to be a successful and clean alternative to fossil fuels, thus enabling a new paradigm for the combustion systems.

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