D1.2 Report on the evaluation of H2 technologies and on implementation of measurement

This deliverable sets a baseline for the evaluation of H2 technologies (part A) and new measurement technologies and NOx emission limits (part B) that will be used in the subsequent work packages.


Part A corresponds to task 1.2 and starts with a summary of the current policies and legislation regarding hydrogen within the EU energy landscape. Key definitions are explained and both, implemented measures and upcoming initiatives are highlighted. Then, the scope and goals for the inventory analysis of the Life Cycle Assessment are defined and the product systems of the studied demonstrator processes are explained. This is followed by the definition of the scope and concept for multi-layer plant-level material flow analysis, where individual case studies will be performed in more detail later in the project. Part A concludes with an assessment and overview of literature regarding material and energy demands and prices. Part B corresponds to task 1.3 and gives an overview of the parameters needed to develop and use measurement technology as well as defines NOx emission limits.


Moritz Langhorst (NTNU-EPT), Romain Billy (NTNU), Daniel Müller (NTNU), Francesca Cavezza (EAA), Delphine Snaet (ESTEP), Klaus Peters (ESTEP), Andrés Ramírez Sánchez (RWTH), Sara Rosendahl (SWER), Henri Pauna (OULU), Elsa Busson (RWTH), Manav Matroja (SICK).
Leading organisation: Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

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