About Oulou

The University of Oulu was founded in 1958 and now hosts nearly 14 000 students and 3700 staff members in eight faculties. As we are located in the city of Oulu in Finland, it is a common saying here that we do science with arctic attitude. The process metallurgy research unit from the faculty of technology is a project partner in HyInHeat, providing both laboratory facilities and advanced data analytics for the project. 

Meet the partner

I’m Dr. Henri Pauna, a postdoc researcher at the process metallurgy research unit at the University of Oulu, Finland. While my earlier research career has focused on electric arc furnace and ladle furnace process control with optical emission spectroscopy (OES), we have recently expanded the OES studies to cover also H2/Ar plasma for the reduction of iron ores, and burners that are used in the steel industry. On that note, my role in HyInHeat is to coordinate Oulu’s actions toward developing process monitoring tools for the hydrogen burners and studying the scale formation. 

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