About CELSA Nordic

CELSA Nordic is the leading producer of reinforced steel products in the Nordic countries (700ktons/year). It consists of a steel plant and a rolling mill and is situated in Mo i Rana, Norway. The company produces rebar, coil and wire road in different qualities. CELSA Nordic is part of CELSA Group. A lead steel recycler producing 7Mtns/year of long steel products mainly for the construction and automotive sectors active in 7 European countries. 

Meet the partner

Susanne M. Naevermo-Sand is the Head of Sustainability & Strategy of CELSA Nordic. Susanne has a degree in Mining Engineering complete with a MSc in Global Project Management, and joined CELSA Nordic more than 5 years ago. With more than 20 years of experience, Susanne became one of the most important players in the sustainability landscape at the European steel level. Her previous experience as R&D Manager will contribute to the success of the HYINHEAT implementation at CELSA Nordic, and the transferability to other six plants within CELSA Group.